Sunday, 11 December 2011

Garden Harvest

I love the weekends, it means I have time to go into the Veggie Patch and clean it up or harvest out the goodies.

Sundays Harvest consisted of:
Eggs (thank you chickens!)
Around 15 Desiree Potatoes
Handfull of Parsley
1 Onion Leak

I love to make Polish food with the ingredients from the patch for several reasons:

1. My husband is 2nd Generation Polish and loves when I cook Polish food
2. Potatoes, Parsley, Eggs & Flour are in heaps of Polish recipes and I have an abundance of all of them.
3. It's pretty easy to cook, so long as small children aren't bugging you every 5 seconds.
4. It brings back memories of cooking with Adam's grandmother (God rest her sweet soul), specifically the time she taught me how to make Pierogi and made me grind up half a pig the old fashioned way, it took ages! But a lesson I will never forget and am forever grateful for. Love u Baba.

My next post will be about what I made with my basket of goodies.


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