Wednesday, 21 September 2011

The many faces of the Lounge Room

Well as my name may suggest... I move stuff around. A lot.
I'm a serial furniture mover-arounder. I can't help it. 

So when we built our first home and moved in almost 7 years ago, it was like heaven. I used to move around my bedroom when I lived at home and I fully blame my mother as she would move around all the other rooms in the house. 

So today I'm showing you the many faces of my Lounge Room. It's the main hub of the house, we sit here for almost all the TV watching, gatherings, etc.

This was my lounge room when we first moved into our house. I can't believe I'm uploading this for people to see. We moved in Christmas 2004, hence the few Christmas decorations.
That TV was brand spanking new, we were so proud of it. It now it in our bedroom and we never use it.
We had concrete floors and there was concrete dust everywhere.

Then our floorboards started, they took about 4 months... 4 P-A-I-N-F-U-L months

 and then the floors where done.

Then I started to re-arrange the furniture.
Please note this is about 4 years after the above picture)

Then I got sick of the maroon wall... That's Mr. It painting the undercoat

Time for the topcoat

Then I got sick of the cut outs (on the left).. so my Uncle boxed them in for me and gave Adam a lesson in plastering and framing at the same time. 

 Cut outs painted... and this is our lounge room today, with Days of Our Lives playing in the background
and my new dream lounge... I needed something to define the room.

Yes this is what my lounge looks like... that's a baby jump toy thingy.

and that's the coffee table that Mr. It pulls nice and close every night so he can put his drink down... hence the strange placement.

So there you have it. I didn't take pictures of the 100 times I moved the room around or of my cream leather lounge I bought for this room (now moved to another room), my friends could only tell you how many times they probably came over and rolled their eyes and thought "not again".
It almost feels like we had to renovate an entire room in a new house to get this room right.
I'm happy with the lounge (for now) and love 97% of it and that couch seriously weights way to much to move, it took 2 men to bring it in and "place" it. Just what I need... unmoveable furniture.


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