Our Home

This is our home. What can I say, it's no mansion and we don't have rolling meadows of space, but we have a large family size block & a home we love to bits. 
Yes I would love a beautiful country home with wide open space, but for now, this is home and we'll make the very most of it. 
We live in an outer suburb of Melbourne, Australia. Mr. It works only 25 mins from home, in-laws 10mins one way and my parents are 20mins the other way. It's perfect.

We've lived here since December 2004. We camped out in our car so we could secure our block of land, along with all our other court neighbours for 3 days! Needless to say we got the block we wanted. 
We then went through the painful process of building our home and 14 months later we got the keys and moved in. We thought the nightmare was over until our floorboards started and took just over 3 months to lay, ohhh the drama. Otherwise it's been a slow work in progress and now that I'm home full time I obsess over every little thing and make sure it looks just right - which isn't really working with 2 kids. It's gone from just a house with 2 people, to a family home. I love it. 

Our very own little piece of Australia!!!
I'm standing at the front of the block.

Construction... hooray!

Not long after we moved in:

Our home today: