About Me

I'm a stay at home mother of 2 - miss 3 and master almost 1, 2 dogs - our fur babies, 4 chickens and too many fish. 
I have a slight obsession with interior design and my house is, as my name may suggest, moved around.... daily. It could be a rug, a display or an entire room move around. 
 I read way too many interior design blogs, magazines and websites. 
I love to garden & find picking fresh produce from our veggies patch so rewarding, as well as our daily egg hunt in the chicken area. 
I have a passion for cooking and I think my family have a passion for me to cook ;) 
 I left a career in IT Security to be a full time stay at home mum. 
I'm lucky enough to have married the love of my life, my best friend, who encourages me to do anything that makes me happy: Work, stay home, study, anything as long as I'm happy. I feel so loved and incredibly blessed every day. 

 Me doing my favourite thing in the world - being a mum:

My 2 greatest accomplishments: