Wednesday, 9 November 2011

An almost new kitchen

I love my kitchen, it's the one room in the house that's pretty much my domain. I'm the cook in the house.. and the kids (big ones included) only really go into my domain for the occasional fridge or pantry raid. 
So this was my kitchen for 7 years:

It was great for a while, but those ugly black bench tops... oh how I learned to hate them.
Hard to keep clean, who knew black would show up all the dirt?

See how much black?

Soooo.... this year I finally splashed out and got rid of all the black and got......:


Reconstituted Stone bench tops!!! 
(Smart stone, Essa Stone, Caesar stone, Nurture Stone - all these  are manufactured from a combination of natural stones, granite and quartz.)

For those of you with the really keen interior eye, yes I also changed the tap, the kickers & the fridge.
AND because Master 1 touches everything the display items in the front display area were all moved. 

I wanted a look where the very open area of our house (kitchen, dining & lounge) just flowed. 
The Black bench tops were a focal point, which I hated!
It all flows much better now.

I totally love it and even Mr. It loves it too... he better, he paid for it all.