Monday, 11 July 2011

What's in a name?

Who knew that coming up with a name for this blog would be so hard. All the cute, quirky little names I came up with we're all taken. 

So I've taken a clever play on words and finally come up with the name Miss Move It Around. "It" being the victim of the day - could be a desk, could be a rug, could be entire pieces of furniture being moved from room to room, or at least once a week, an entire room moved around and shuffled into place until I think it looks right. I'm starting to think this might be borderline OCD. 
I blame my mother, she moved around things when I was a kid and it's rubbed off onto me. It's also rubbed off onto my 3yo who recently decided to rearrange the furniture in the kids play area of the doctors surgery. Hmm.

The other reason I have used "It" in my blog name is because I left a career in IT to become a stay at home mum. I'm Miss IT. I'm that person everyone asks about computers, even my class mates at University (all boys except 1 other girl, my darling friend Marie) were a little confused how a girl could know so much about computers. That one can be blamed on Dad. :) While kids my age played Sega and Commodore 64, I had a PC. A real computer. 
My husband is still Mr. IT and it's great because now he gets all those IT questions from friends and family. Not that we mind.

I'll be uploading a project mainly my husband I worked on recently, the outdoor setting restore - yes people I do more then move around furniture. It was my in-laws 1st outdoor setting, now 35years old with but lots of charm and character and now all mine! You'll see. 


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